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Here you will find instructions and information on how the charts are made.

These charts are called BobCharts.
The instructions are very simple. All you need to do is enter a symbol and a chart will appear that shows you the most import support and resistance lines. You can tap on "Go" or simply press Enter each time you type in a new symbol.

If the symbols you request are not returning charts please send a list of your desired symbols with the exchange codes to and we will add them to the system for you
The app is taken from just one of the many scans in the Ramp Pattern Recognition Scanner at You can go to and install the Ramp Program to actually run powerful BobChart scans to screen for today's trendline touches and/or breakouts. There are also many other pattern scans and features in the program.
The YouTube video links below will show you how the charts are created in Ramp and explain the support, resistance and important blue Reaction Lines.

You Tube Videos:

BobCharts Video Part 1

BobCharts Video Part 2