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World Exchange Symbols

For exchanges other than the US Nasdaq and NYSE use the symbol suffixes below.

As an example, the symbol ABC on the London Stock Exchange would be ABC.L where L is the exchange suffix.

If the symbols you request are not returning charts please send a list of your desired symbols with the exchange codes to and we will add them to the system for you.

Exchange Suffix
American Stock Exchange N/A
Amsterdam Stock Exchange .AS
Australian Stock Exchange .AX
Barcelona Stock Exchange .BC
BATS Exchange N/A
Berlin Stock Exchange .BE
Bilbao Stock Exchange .BI
Bombay Stock Exchange .BO
BOVESPA - Sao Paolo Ex .SA
Bremen Stock Exchange .BM
Buenos Aires Stock Exchange .BA
Chicago Board of Trade .CBT
Chicago Mercantile Exchange .CME
Copenhagen Stock Exchange .CO
Dow Jones Indexes N/A
Dusseldorf Stock Exchange .DU
Euronext .NX
Frankfurt Stock Exchange .F
FTSE Indices N/A
Hamburg Stock Exchange .HM
Hanover Stock Exchange .HA
Hong Kong Stock Exchange .HK
Jakarta Stock Exchange .JK
Korea Stock Exchange .KS
London Stock Exchange .L
Madrid Fixed Income Market .MF
Madrid SE C.A.T.S. .MC
Madrid Stock Exchange .MA
Mexico Stock Exchange .MX
Milan Stock Exchange .MI
Munich Stock Exchange .MU
NASDAQ Stock Exchange N/A
National Stock Exchange of India .NS
New York Board of Trade .NYB
New York Mercantile Exchange .NYM
New York Stock Exchange N/A
New Zealand Stock Exchange .NZ
Nikkei Indices N/A
NY Commodities Exchange .CMX
Oslo Stock Exchange .OL
OTC Bulletin Board Market .OB
Paris Stock Exchange .PA
Pink Sheets .PK
S & P Indices N/A
Santiago Stock Exchange .SN
Shanghai Stock Exchange .SS
Shenzhen Stock Exchange .SZ
Singapore Stock Exchange .SI
Stockholm Stock Exchange .ST
Stuttgart Stock Exchange .SG
Swiss Exchange .SW
Taiwan OTC Exchange .TWO
Taiwan Stock Exchange .TW
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange .TA
Toronto Stock Exchange .TO
TSX Venture Exchange .V
Vienna Stock Exchange .VI
XETRA Stock Exchange .DE


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The Ramp Program installs in Windows and can scan any market world wide for any of the following chart patterns.  Choose end of day or intraday real time scanning on any market.

Support Line Touch
Support Line Break
Resistance Line Touch
Resistance Line Break
Fully Automatic Trendlines
Fibonacci Retracements (any level)
Fibonacci Extensions (any level)
Linear Regression Channels
5 Year Highs
Any Percent Pull Back and Recovery
Darvas Box Scanner
Breakout Retest - Old-Res-New-Sup
Stochastics Scanner
Ichimoku Cloud Scanner
Moving Average Scanner
ADX, +DI and -DI Directional Indicator Scanner
Elliott Wave Scanner
Yahoo Fundamentals  Scanner
Price, Volume and Volume Surge Scanner
Flag and Pennant Chart Scanner
Head and Shoulders
Cup and Handles
Confirmed W Bottoms
Early Double Bottoms
Confirmed M Tops
Early Double Tops
Bullish MACD Divergence
Bearish MACD Divergence

Bull MACD Divergence Index MDI
Bearish MACD Divergence Index MDI

Flags, Triangles, Channels and Pennants
Batch and Automatic Pattern Scanning
Multi Timeframe Auto Trendlines
ABCD Zigzag Scanner
Channeling Stocks Scanner
Bollinger Bands Squeeze Scanner
Island Reversal Scanner
RSI Divergence Scanner
Six Point Reversal Scanner
Bullish Engulfing Candlestick Scanner
Engulfing Retest Candlestick Scanner
Doji Candlestick Scanner

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